Parent School Partnership

Parental Involvement at Edify School ranges from Reading together at Kindergarten ‘Read with me workshop’ to volunteering in classrooms as ‘Resource Parent’ , to getting involved when children are out on field trips. The benefits of Parental Involvement can be :

For parent better understanding of their Child’s school experience in order to build a closer parent-child bond.

For teacher Classroom field trip support better understanding of the child’s family roots.

For Students Increase in self confidence self-esteem as they see their parent showing interest in their class activities. Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives – Parent, teacher and community members work together to encourage and support them. School alone cannot address all of the child’s developmental needs. Hence the meaningful involvement of parents support from the community is essential staff to work together catering to an environment in which trust mutual respect for each other can flourish. A student too gets a message of peace begins to learn with ease when they see their parent teachers engaged in a respectful manner for their progress. This is where 3C learner’s profile comes in helps all concerned work on a common platform.